Movement Studio in greater Green Bay, WI


Movement Studio in greater Green Bay, WI

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Improve your overall health with the yoga classes we offer at Jenstar. Yoga can be transformational for the physical body and provide peace of mind. Choose from our variety of styles for every level: Vinyasa Flow (heated and non-heated), Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga + Meditation.


Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun! Jenstar uniquely offers in the Green Bay area adult only dance classes based on traditional Dance technique and the Art of Belly Dance. In our classes, you will move to the rhythm of the music following a sequence of steps and progressions across the floor to learn a choreographed routine.


Get ready to sweat and feel the burn for this invigorating total body workout! Jenstar Barre classes are all unique in choreography, no two classes are the same. Every class is challenging, motivating and effective in providing quick results that you can see and feel. No wonder they’re so popular!

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“This place is my secret weapon at life! I began attending classes here last summer after having taken my first-ever yoga class with Jen at a Green Bay Park and Rec event. I was only coming to the studio sporadically at first until I began to notice significant results. I’m not only talking about physical results; I had become addicted to how I felt just as much! The staff is attentive, accommodating and has your best interest at heart whether you’re a timid beginner or aggressively trying to push yourself. Come on in and join us here- the vibe you get as soon as you step in the door each time will keep you coming back for more!”

Jenstar Yoga Frog

Rachel P.

“I LOVE coming to classes here. Before I came here, I really did not like to work out. I dreaded it actually. Jenstar totally changed that for me.”

Jenstar Yoga Frog

Lindsey S.

“I started out at Jenstar as someone who never really enjoyed working out or going to the gym, but from my first barre class, I was hooked. The class was unlike anything I had ever tried before. I found barre was challenging, fun, and full of positive energy. After only a few weeks of going to barre, I could feel and see myself getting stronger. I’m so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a chance on something new!”

Jenstar Yoga Frog

Carissa S.

“Love the variety of classes they offer at Jenstar. Everything I’ve tried has been challenging in different ways and helps me to center myself.”

Jenstar Yoga Frog

Abby R.

“I loved Prenatal Yoga. I was motivated to go every Sunday because I always left so calm and relaxed. As I progressed through my pregnancy, it was nice to have a comforting group where we could all share the ins and outs of what was going on with our pregnancies and share any tips we have for each other each week.”

Jenstar Yoga Frog

Marie O.

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Please park and enter from behind building in Nicolet Square! We are to the left of Smoked to the Bone BBQ.

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