THE MIX by Piloxing

(45 minutes)

Lose yourself in today’s music hits and iconic throwbacks while learning the most current grooves from LA’s commercial dance scene. The style is a hip-hop fusion that builds on choreography as you go. THE MIX by Piloxing is for all fitness levels, ages, and backgrounds. The world is your stage… get in THE MIX and let’s dance!

*Bring water, sweat towel and wear clean sneakers. No street shoes, please!

Belly Dancing

(45 minutes)

In this 6-week series, we will introduce correct posture, breath and belly dance movements; both isolation and movement across the floor! Each week, the class will consistently focus on form, history, and technique. We will use principles taught to build exciting combinations, fun choreography and will at times involve the use of some props! This class is a continually developing technique class and is appropriate for new dancers and also belly dancers with experience. You are welcome to sign up for the whole 6 week series (click “events” tab to see when next series starts) or drop-in weekly!

*Please dress in clothes you can move in. Barefoot, socks or clean soft shoes welcome. Bring a water.

Adult Dance - Beginner 101

(60 minutes) - Retuning January 2019

So you have always wanted to DANCE? It’s never too late to learn and you don’t need any experience! This class is not Zumba, or like other dance fitness class. It is inspired by a traditional dance class structure! Each week you will do a 20 minute total body warm-up, followed by across the floor progressions or steps to help build coordination (examples: chasses, 3 step turns, pivot turns, ball changes). The last 30-35 minutes of class will be learning a dance routine! Routine themes change every 3-4 weeks and can be based in lyrical jazz style, hip hop/funk, character, sexy jazz and more!

*Please dress in clothes you can move in. Barefoot, socks or clean soft shoes welcome! Bring a water.

Adult Dance - Intermediate

(60 minutes) - Retuning January 2019

The intermediate class is designed for people ages 18+ who have had previous dance training and want to rekindle the inner dancer. If you grew up dancing and would like the opportunity to do it again in a compassionate environment, you’ll feel at home here! Class structure includes a 25-30 minute dynamic warm-up (center floor plies, footwork, core + stretch), followed by across the floor exercises. The last half of class you will learn the dance combination. Choreography will be a little more challenging an opportunity to really “dance it out” will be given. Styles can include Hip-hop, Lyrical, and Jazz/Modern. Music will vary. Routines switch every 4 weeks.

*Please dress in clothes you can move in. Barefoot, socks, or clean soft shoes welcome! Bring a water.