I started going to Jenstar in February of 2015. My first class with Jen was a yoga class with a live DJ. It was perfect to get me out of the house with our newborn, see a friend, get some exercise and have a lot of fun. I decided to give Barre a try. From my very first session, I was hooked. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, running, yoga, biking, bootcamps,  but Barre class is different. It is transforming my body. Jeans that didn’t fit after two kids, even being the same weight, are fitting again & I feel strong. If it’s a yoga class or barre class with Jen, what I love the most is that she is very technical on watching your form and guiding you to get the very best out of YOU. It’s not a competitive environment, but rather that each yoga or barre session you bring your best self. I cannot recommend Jenstar enough to my clients and people I know. Jen has a way of helping you bring out the best version of yourself, not just during the time that you’re with her but in your everyday life.

Jenny L.

This place is my secret weapon at life! I began attending classes here last summer after having taken my first-ever yoga class with Jen at a Green Bay Park and Rec event. I was only coming to the studio sporadically at first until I began to notice significant results. I’m not only talking about physical results; I had become addicted to how I felt just as much! The staff is attentive, accommodating and has your best interest at heart whether you’re a timid beginner or aggressively trying to push yourself. Come on in and join us here- the vibe you get as soon as you step in the door each time will keep you coming back for more!

Rachel P.

I loved Prenatal Yoga. I was motivated to go every Sunday because I always left so calm and relaxed. As I progressed through my pregnancy, it was nice to have a comforting group where we could all share the ins and outs of what was going on with our pregnancies and share any tips we have for each other each week.

Marie O.

I started out at Jenstar as someone who never really enjoyed working out or going to the gym, but from my first barre class, I was hooked.  The class was unlike anything I had ever tried before.  I found barre was challenging, fun, and full of positive energy.  After only a few weeks of going to barre, I could feel and see myself getting stronger.  I’m so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a chance on something new!

Carissa S.

As a plus-size woman, I was intimidated to try yoga and barre. Fear of ‘sticking out’ kept me out of a studio for many years. Starting classes at Jenstar has improved my overall health and well-being and has helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Jen takes the time to make us all feel welcome and it’s a safe space where we can enjoy movement and self-expression, free of judgement. I have a very busy schedule, but I like to carve out time to come to Jenstar. It’s a place to feel comfortable, beautiful and rejuvenated.

Kelly P.

I LOVE coming to classes here. Before I came here, I really did not like to work out. I dreaded it actually. Jenstar totally changed that for me.

Lindsey S.

It’s easy to say that I love going to Jenstar for yoga and barre classes because I love how fit and healthy I feel, but the truth is I love what kind of person it has made me even more. My practice at Jenstar has allowed me to get deeper into my yoga practice, becoming a better, more authentic version of myself. I may not be able to stick my handstand quite yet, but more importantly, I think I have become more mindful and grateful in my practice. It’s somewhere I feel totally comfortable being challenged while strengthening and relaxing all at the same time. Even though I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, no matter which class I go to, I never get bored or feel like I have wasted my time. The instructors are diligent and knowledgeable, keeping their students safe and happy during their practice. This is a place I hope to get my family and friends to go to because I want them to feel how great I feel – mind, body, and soul.

Megan F.

I just have to share my experience that I’ve had with Jen and her yoga classes. Her classes have had a profound effect on my well-being and it has helped me on many occasions, both in the classroom and in my own personal life. First, my yoga mat has become my safe place. Why? When I am rigid with worry, or I’m stressed and can’t get out of my own head, I have noticed that as soon as I am on my mat, my stress and worries melt into a puddle like ice cream on a hot day. How? My hour on the mat is all about letting go of worry, letting go of planning, expectations and everything else that has been heaped on my plate. Instead, it’s just me. It’s an hour where I get to put everything else aside and just get down to basics.  It’s an hour where I get to breathe and move.  

Jen has a keen sense of imagery that guides my breathing and gets me into a different head-space so that I am able to ground myself in the present moment. As I am guided to breathe and move, my worries drift away and are replaced by a sense of calm. It becomes rooted and must do something cool with my brain chemistry because the sense of calm carries me through my practice, beyond the mat, and into my everyday life. It feels kinda weird to put myself out there and tell you all of this, but I honestly wish for all of you to have the opportunity to feel the same sense of peacefulness. Be curious, try it.

Megan S.

I cannot even express how much I enjoy this studio! It’s on the cutting edge, and always offering innovative classes. I have taken classes from more than half of the myriad of professional instructors who have all been personable and talented. Jen offers both heated and non-heated yoga, hip-hop/jazz/modern dance, belly dance, meditation and mindfulness, barre, and even prenatal yoga. They have times to accommodate every schedule!

I began solely with barre and later decided to take dance, yoga, and meditation afterwards as I found time. What I relish most, is that now I am seeing familiar faces in different classes; thus, this studio gives you a tremendous sense of community and an icebreaker to get to know others. Jen also offers workshops and fun challenges with prizes and complimentary classes sometimes too like the yoga on the deck in summertime. Also you can go away when you’re hectic and come back as you have more time, no problem, and always be welcomed and appreciated as a student!

Nicole G.

Love the variety of classes they offer at Jenstar. Everything I’ve tried has been challenging in different ways and helps me to center myself.

Abby R.

Jenstar yoga is not just a studio, it’s a community. Jen is so welcoming and accommodating to everyone.  Any level of student would feel comfortable here. Jen and her teachers all encourage people to do what is best for them, and always offer advanced variations of poses as well as easier variations if you need them. There is much more offered than just yoga. I take classes here about twice a week and also take specialty workshops when I can. I would definitely recommend the restorative yoga workshop to anyone when it’s available.  It’s like getting a solid 6 hours of sleep! I’ve also enjoyed many lifestyle type workshops on things like ayurveda, oils and meditation. This is the studio I’d recommended for anyone looking for a welcoming environment/group of people. It’s truly a judgement free studio which others I’ve been to claim to be but definitely are NOT.

Paula O.

I’ve been coming to Jenstar for a while now and I absolutely love it! I was new to yoga and barre when I first tried the studio, and I instantly found it was the positive and encouraging atmosphere I was looking for. Jen’s barre class is amazing, fun, challenging and a great workout. The yoga classes are way more than just the poses, it’s a way to clear your mind and really listen to your body. I’ve also tried the belly dance classes and beginner dance classes which are both a BLAST, and a great way to get moving and try something new! You will always leave class (no matter what class it is) feeling confident, strong and empowered!

Katie P.

Jenstar Yoga and Dance offers many classes at various times throughout the day and week to meet a variety of interests and levels. All instructors are well prepared to teach their classes and provide assistance, encouragement, knowledge and wisdom throughout their class. The studio environment is warm and friendly. In addition to yoga, dance and barre experiences, workshops and classes are offered to help expand knowledge about many different ways to live a happy and healthy life. I have taken classes for over a year and have participated in many different types of classes and special events – always coming away with being totally satisfied and inspired. I highly recommend you join this wonderful group of dedicated teachers and leaders to expand your world!

Carolyn J.

Jen is hands-down the best yoga teacher I’ve practiced with. She is skilled yet down-to-earth, and she pushes you yet allows you to laugh at yourself. Whenever I attend one of her classes, I learn something new. She keeps it easy-to-follow for beginners, (I’ve brought friends who’ve never done yoga) and challenging for the veterans. Even after an awful day, and wanting to go home and stuff my face with junk food, I know that Jen’s yoga class will revive and invigorate. Take a class and I promise you’ll feel the same!!

Emily S.

I recently moved to De Pere and decided to try Jenstar. Joining the studio has allowed me to keep dancing and doing what I love, and the instructors are phenomenal. Jenstar is the perfect yoga/barre/dance studio! If you are looking to find a great workout- join Jenstar!

Christy P.

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While COVID times have caused us to close our current space, we are excited to introduce to you Jenstar LIVE! Virtual Studio for these upcoming months! Whether you live in Green Bay, WI or beyond, we welcome you to practice in our community and keep a strong connection to your fitness and wellness routine!

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See you on the Mat,

While COVID times have caused us to close our current space, we are excited to introduce to you Jenstar LIVE! Virtual Studio for these upcoming months! Whether you live in Green Bay, WI or beyond, we welcome you to practice in our community and keep a strong connection to your fitness and wellness routine!

Can't make class? No worries! All virtual classes will have 48hr playback for you to do on your own time if needed! We got your back!

See you on the Mat,