Robin Oczus


My journey into yoga began for purely physical reasons, because I wanted to improve my recovery from running longer distances. It worked, and I gained more than just a speedy recovery and open hips. Yoga opened my eyes to what I was missing in my life, a sense of self. Taking the time for me to find peace, tranquility, physical strength and mental stamina was a breath of fresh air.

I teach a dynamic Vinyasa flow style yoga focusing on movement, balance, and strength. Vinyasa is a fluid yoga class using breath and movement as one. My classes are accessible to all skill levels no matter age or gender. I like to challenge my students to their edge, while building their inner strength and fire. I share a willingness to play and bring the student back to a place of peace and serenity. Come into my class with an open mind, focusing on your breath and how each pose feels; but don’t be afraid to have some fun and smile!

Check out one of my classes:
Wednesday 5:30 am Heated Vinyasa Flow

Our physical studio closes on 9/30, but we're still here with Jenstar LIVE online classes!

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