Misty Hommerding


I didn’t begin my yoga practice until 2012.  I was a life-long participant in competitive sports, including gymnastics, long distance running and triathlons. After suffering numerous sports related injuries and then a serious car accident in 2011, I came to yoga as a means to stay active and heal. I have to admit, I didn’t like it at first. But knowing that I had limited options for activity, I decided to stick with it and try different studios and teachers. After experiencing my first heated Vinyasa class, I quickly fell in love with yoga, both for the physical as well as the mental benefits it provided. Having the right space, the right teacher and the right mindset made all the difference.  Yoga quickly became part of my daily life. In 2016, I traveled to Costa Rica to obtain my 200 hour yoga teacher certification to deepen my own personal practice but as soon as I finished I knew I had to share my passion with others.

I believe that yoga can benefit anyone, regardless of size, shape or physical condition. My classes focus on building strength and provide a mix of physical challenges geared toward the individual, making it accessible for all. I encourage students to try new things while always reminding them to honor where their own body is at. Every day that we unroll our mats is a new experience and provides us with different challenges and rewards. I have found that when we can let go of what we think a posture should look like and instead embrace the experience of moving and breathing together, that is where the magic is found. 

Check out one of my classes:
Wednesday’s 5:30am Heated Vinyasa Flow
Friday’s 5:30am Heated Vinyasa Flow

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