Jennifer Kornowske


Ever since I was a little girl, dance has been a passion for me, and I’ve always had an unexplainable interest and curiosity in Middle Eastern Dance. The allure, movement, and the costuming would soon prove impossible not to explore. After several years of studying Middle Eastern dance with some of the greats, other talented dancers and practicing 3 hours a day, I  began teaching belly dance in 2004.

Belly Dance is truly is every human’s dance. Expressive, soulful, beautiful, with strength and storytelling.  It is a dance that offers everyone something at any level of dance if the willingness to learn is there.  Dance has become a place to find my personal inner beauty, talents, and joy. A place to feel safe, expressive, build relationships and most of all a place to be free. I believe you are never too young or old to learn to dance. Dance speaks what words cannot, and I am grateful to be a part of people’s lives in this very special way. If you would like to know more about my Belly Dance Troupe in addition to the class I teach at Jenstar Movement Studio, check out my website:

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Thursday 6:45 pm Belly Dance (goes in 6-week sessions, check schedule for availability)

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