Jen Berres

Jenstar Owner and Trainer

As a child, my love for dancing led me to pursue my degree in Dance from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. During that time, my father passed away and I was able to say goodbye to him the night before he left. His last words encouraged me to be someone that believed that I could do anything and not be afraid to try. “Don’t talk about it, do it” mentality. I carry that inspiration from my dad with me every single day. I have chosen to live my life in this way. I went on to have a thriving career as a professional dancer but eventually wanted a different life path. Yoga entered my life at this time.

Teaching both yoga and barre, I am a passionate teacher that wants students to leave class having learned something! I don’t aim to just teach classes, I give an experience (mind, body, spirit) through a class setting. I am versatile in being about to adapt to each student, and am well versed in body alignment. Outside of the studio, I like traveling, fine dining experiences, lake life relaxing with the fam and laughing with friends. I’ll try anything once!

Check out one of my classes:
Mondays 5:30 pm Barre, 6:45 pm Vinyasa Yoga (75 Minutes)
Tuesdays 8:15 am Vinyasa Yoga
Wednesdays 9:45 am Barre, 5:00 pm Beginner Yoga/Slow Flow,  6:30 pm Heated Vinyasa Flow (75 minutes)
Saturdays 8:15 am Barre,  9:45 am Heated Vinyasa Yoga (Switch off with Lars)